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Actress: Delphine Roy

"How to say it...

My room is completely blue 

but the floor is not.

So I don't step on it. 

I am on my mattress

And I don't want to get out of bed.

But, um...

There's this thing in the foam

I don't know what it is, it's something that ...

That pulls...pulls...pulls very hard in my lower back. 

It's... It's in my kidneys.

And it sucks down like a magnet. 

Then I stand still. 

Feet together. 

And there I am standing on my mattress. 

But I fall." 


"And then,

I don't want to see what's down there. 

I'm... I'm scared...

So I remain standing.

In fact, when... I don't know what happened...

And here it is

But I blinked

The image is gone


I fell down." 


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Actor: Cyril Briant

“It kept repeating itself. I was laying underneath it…

My body freezing in the kitchen floor.

And I counted my mother’s steps.

Her heels clicking the way dancers' do.

Back and forth, sometimes shivering what separated me from her."


"Under the kitchen…

But when it shakes it is alive.

It reminds me of… Barefoot on the iced tiled floors I liked jumping over the tiles, two at a time.

And then, I was sentenced to listen to her night walks, her,

who gave birth to me. 

I… I wanted to resist oblivion.”


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Actress: Chloé Larrère

"There are these moments when… I feel completely overwhelmed.

It just happened. Then… We deal with it."


"I remember something. And then, all in a sudden, nothing…

It is as if I had wanted to forget.

I don’t know if I will remember his face… His eyes… His mouth…

But sometimes, I feel his presence in my stomach. Heating.

Then, I can catch my breath. Rather, I remember his breath on my neck.

And I hear him kicking in my stomach Again."

Breathing, laughter, we’re not sure

"For now it is inside. But sooner, it will be out.

I will not carry it inside me. And I wonder what his face will look like.

I close my eyes… And then I try to remember…"

Sights, breathing, deep breath, soft, ambiguous, almost embarrassing 

"I am in the dark now.

You know, I have always been scared at night, because… We can’t see.

And then we can imagine. No we can recall.

In these moments, it beats even stronger in my stomach.

He wants to come out. I feel it. I know it. He scratches in my flesh almost gnawing my bones."


"What is the point to host a memory in my stomach?"

Confused laughter, almost frightening. She bounces back :  

I mean “someone” who will become a memory.

I try to remember what his hands will look like…

I want to remember his breath behind my neck.”